The Amalgamated Six was made by the Amalgamated Machinery Corp of Chicago, Illinois, from 1917 to 1919.
It used a special engine in which the poppet valves were closed as well as opened positively.
Instead of disc cams which lifted only, grooved cylindrical cams of the type familiar in machine tools and other machinery were used. The Amalgamated was otherwise an assembled car and few were produced.


This six cylinder engine made by The Amalgamated Machinery Corporation in 1917 had positive valve action in which the valve actuating mechanism was positively controlled in both opening and closing. The six cylinder model has a bore of 3 1/4 inches and a stroke of 4 1/2 inches. The single camshaft is mounted directly upon the cylinder block, and the height required for the cams and valve mechanism is said to compare favorably with that necessary for the conventional T or L-head engines.
[Pictures of the car, engine and other documentation (survivers in private or museum collections?) are much welcomed!]



Source: Georgano, G.N. The Complete Encyclopedia of Motorcars : 1885 tot the Present p. 90.
Pics found in: El Automóvil de Gasolina Moderno por Victor, W. Pagé, M.E., 1926
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picture1 of the perspex-model

picture2 of the perspex-model

I did (19-12-2007) some intensive patent searches in Espacenet and found 4 patents of the Amalgamated Machinery Corp. Mentioned in those patents are the names of the inventors: Charles A. Brown; Oscar F. Carlson and Lucien I. Yeomans. I also searched on their names, unfortunately not retrieving the very patent on this desmo valve train. I am almost certain the Amalgamated Machine corp. will have patented this system. Hope someone can find it in the older (US)patent databases.