aries December 8, 2014 we discovered in the Netherlands the (1908) Ariès VT 1 cil. 4 valve desmodromic engine. Means for determination of “The unknown engine” was the letter of Baron Petiet in “La Vie Automobile”; November 25, 1921. See citation below: aries3 This discovery was reason to transfer this Ariès page from “Doubtful (crank)cases” to “True Desmodromic Systems”. The “Mystery page” had to be changed and this Ariès system was added to the Group IA in “The Classification in Text” as well. And of course this very page that already existed for almost 15 years, had to be “dramatically” changed. To read more: In the 2015 June issue of “The Automobile” an article about this engine was published, written by Sébastien Faurès Fustel de Coulanges and myself.

You can now read it here:

Another article in Dutch by John Mulder (Conam). Introduction by Henk Cloosterman. This article was also published in Strada, the magazine of the Dutch Ducati Club.

[Classification = Group IA (1)]