Battlogg Desmotronic

2020 Strada 1 v1 – Battlogg v22020 Strada 1 v1 – Battlogg v2MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA     MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Obtained April 2007. It is Stefan Battlogg’s gift for the desmo-museum collection.
Stefan Battlogg from Inventus Engineering (Austria)  is a gifted and creative engineer.
He has many patents like EP 1624161A1 esp. on this very 1-cam system in many different embodiments, like the one with the fiber “baby belt” and different chain-type systems.
Daimler Chrysler AG (Mario Illien); Porsche AG (Dietmar Schwarzenthal) and even Peugeot Citroen Automobiles (Denis Lacour) are all contemplating and patenting today a lot further on the Battlogg theme.
First meant for the Formula One and now for the every day car-engine with moderate RPM. A very interesting development, that hopefully will give the one who really deserves it the credits and accompanying revenues.
Classification = Group 1B
2020 Strada 1 v1 – Battlogg v2