Bellini, Paolo

BellinilogoPaolo Bellini is a constructor of many speedway engines since the seventies.
His son Marco used to race successfully on Italian speedway circuits with his father’s engines like these desmo’s.
This prototype Desmo uses the first Ducati 851 type (Bordi / Mengoli) 4 valve head mounted on a carter of the T354.
The DOH Cams are driven by a gear train. The 1998 engine was placed upright in the frame.
A modified engine (4 pictures shown) was placed horizontally in the 1999 version and also raced for some years by Marco Bellini.


bellinidesmohorizontal1 bellinidesmohorizontal3

bellinidesmohorizontal2 bellinidesmohorizontal4small

pictures of the perspex-model (Vertical and horizontal)

Classification = Group 5.