According to Ernst Leverkus in Motorrad Classic 1/’99 the 1954 Capriolo was supposed to have the 1926/27 Küchen desmodromic testengine.
According to Siegfried Rauch in MC2/’99 a 1958 75 cc Six-day cross Capriolo was used for 6 days without any problems with the same Küchen desmodromic system.
At this very moment I cannot already show a picture of the desmo-hardware. For more information on Capriolo you can visit:
Nb The shown Capriolo pictures are of the non-desmo type!
The Küchen system = [Classification = Group 3].
The pic on the right is from the famous Capriolo predecessor Chater Lea (GB 235348 and GB 260506 resp. patentented 1925 and 1926).

Capriolo pics used with author permission.

capriolo2     capriolo3

neander3 capriolo1

pictures of the perspex-model