Classification Group 0

GROUP 0 Screw thread- and cam bar desmo F01L1/30/0
Screw thread desmo: Systems consisting of a round external or internal screw thread (nut and bolt)
Toothed rack desmo: Systems with a toothed rack and a (worm) gear
Cam bar desmo: Systems with a crankshaft driven translating cam-bar with oscillating camfollower
picture1 of the perspex-model  008A This kind of desmo has the characteristics:
Crankshaft driven sliding cam-bar desmo
(Riley-patent from 1938) Meant for a (very) long stroke motor.
picture2 of the perspex-model  008B  This kind of desmo has the following characteristics:
Crankshaft driven convex translating cam-bar desmo
with oscillating cam-follower.
(The Riley-patented design from 1938 had a concave=hollow form)
Meant for a (very) long stroke motor.

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