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One of the very first Otto principle 4 stroke engines already used the Desmo-Principle.
A very elementary Group 1A(1) system (see classification) positively commands the exhaust valve.
It is quite sensational that this very fact is discovered 12 years after the publication of our book and 2 years after posting the Desmodromology site on the WWW (see my thing on my old website captured by the Internet Archive WayBackmachine).
This very first V-twin engine has been mass-produced (in license) by Panhard-Levassor from the middle of 1891 and by Peugeot (1890) and some other brands used this engine in their first “cars”.

Water-cooled V-twin (as used in the 1895 Panhard-Levassor)
Bore – stroke: 80 mm – 120 mm
Displacement : 1206 c.cm.
Power output : 3,5 PS / 800 rpm
[Classification = Group 1 A]

Rennwagen von 1895 bis 1965 by Weltbild Verlag p. 44
Histoire de l’automobile by Philippe B. de l’Arc
DE 50839 (Engine/1889) DE 43742 (4 wheel carriage/1887)

Cop. colour pics by Henk Cloosterman, 2007. Verkehrsmuseum, Dresden in Germany.



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