In 2005-10-17 I found the first Decuir patent [= US 6948468 = Group 1 A (2)] and two years ago (2006-07-21) I found the other patent [= US 7077088 = Group 1A(3)]
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Direct links to the films on Youtube:
Decuir OHC desmosystem
Decuir OHV (for push rod engines) desmosystem

I did some patent searches in Espacenet today and found all the patents underlying the Decuir desmodromic engine valve train systems:
Patents: US 6948468; US 7077088; US 7,210,435 B2; WO 2008/030589 A2.
Actually I did not expect this kind of old-fashioned group of systems (in my classification group 1A) in any of it’s embodyments produced in any form (prototype) of working engine.
[read also patents article]

I must say the Decuir engines (OHV and OHC) run surprisingly sound and quiet.
Congratulations for this achievement!
I hope to hear and see more about the Decuir story.


Picture of the different embodyments of the group 1A principle: From left to right (first 4 drawings) are resp.:
group1A(1); group1A(2); group1A(3);group1A(4).

picture 1 of a group 1A(4) mock-up
picture 2 of a group 1A(4) mock-up
Nb The embodyment of the mock-up = 1 A(4) differs from the Decuir which are obviously = 1A (2) or 1A (3) systems.