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Oldest ‘News’ from my former website (

Attention: Finally I succeeded in actuating my second account. The 10 extra MB are used to store some desmofilms.

In MOTO CICLISMO d’Epoca nr. 8-9 August/September 2001 great article (8 pages) on 100 years of desmodromic valve gear “Basta con le molle” by Marcello Colombo.

DUCATI Improvements


I saw a new and alternative design collets for desmodromic valve actuation.

Martin Brickwood Performance promises with these new collets, which are replacements for the half-rings,

“A Desmo valvetrain that’s almost maintenance free.”

I applaud this work and hope the Ducati-factory will also see the advantages in the near future.

MBP also improved gas-flow in the 2 valve heads.

They did this so drastically (ports) that a new casting was necessary.

But with all standard Ducatiparts, improvement is dramatically good (30% more power).

I will report more about them in the near future.

New DESMO-system

Terry Linebarger directed me lately to a newly produced desmo-engine: look at

and choose the ERLA (Longtracker with Ducati 916 4-valve head).

New “Book”-project

The idea is to collect information on the desmo-subject from all over the globe.

Everybody can contribute to the project.

Instead of our former patentstudy with some human interest we now want to create a Desmo-internet Plaza.

Here you’ll find the latest Patent-information;

a list of ever manufactured / produced desmo-engines; factory drawings; pictures; data;

where to find the specific car or motorcycle etc. etc.

Bennie Ludolphy – unlike his name just a Dutchman like me – has gathered lots of pics and articles on the subject of speedway (see also: )

He was so kind to share with me some documentation about very interesting semi- and full desmo designs like the Husqvarna EXCAM system (predecessor of the LITO); the Orionette and the ESO. Some of this documentation has already been added to the site: Choose “systems” in the menu-frame.

My “Italian agent” and mystery solver Andrea Ridolfi has choosen a new spy-programm. In the near future he will take pics from the Maserati V8 Desmo(he contacted Mr Monetti who kindly agreed in taking pics) and he will go to the Galleria Ferrari in Maranello as well to take some better pics from the Ferrari Desmo.

Last update: 31 August 2002

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