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I don’t need to change from provider and migrate the site, since my provider raised my sitespace from 10 to 50 MB. Photo3 will become gradually available.

I don’t have to squeeze pics and text anymore when I want to add some little bit of new content. This will give new oppertunities for uploading more content and better quality pictures.

Wikipedia the biggest multilingual open access encyclopedia on the internet already contains the word “Desmodromic” as an entry word in several languages:

Desmodromisch in Dutch, Desmodromik in German, Desmodromic in English, Desmodromique in French

Nb The articles in Wikipedia are NOT written by me. Actually I’m quite curious who did. As I feel that my site has much to offer to someone who wants to know more about the subject, I decided to add a link to the site you’re on now. In the English article I removed the link to the Pegaso until proven that “The company also built around 100 high-end sports cars in the 1950s and 1960s. These cars were powered by a DOHC DESMOdromic 32-valve V8 360 hp (270 kw) engine”].


October 28 Y2k5 “Desmodromology” is already 5 years alive and kicking. Almost 50.000 hits during that period of time is encouraging.

To celebrate this I decided to give the site a face lift by changing the letter type to “Verdana”.


Ridolfi Francesco, the father of my Italian agent Andrea, made a wooden mosaic of a Ducati desmosystem for the collection of the desmo-museum (see pic).

Although a mere hobby activity it is of very high quality. Later I will add a link to his site [=under construction at the moment].

For information about these wooden mosaic panels you can mail to: (note: link from 2006!)

November 8 ’05 Andrea informed me about the Maserati 6 cilinder Desmo with text and pics (see also updated page under “systems”).


“CAPTAIN DESMO”captaindesmo

Not a new nickname, but the title of a Detective Comic. First published in the 1938 May issue of “New Adventure Comics”.

Continued every month (6p.) untill the February issue of 1940. “More Fun Comics” adopted the series from the March issue onwards till October 1941 (Totals 42 episodes; 252 p.). The creator was the famous Win(slow) Mortimer (Superman). The question is why Mortimer choosed the word “DESMO” for his Captain. Was he aware of the meaning of this principle?MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


Two fantastic Triple-nocker animations found at:


I found someone with fine machinery who is going to make an acrylic perspex version of the wooden Velocette model.

Prof. Lachlan Thompson an (aerospace) ass. professor of RMIT university of Melbourne, the constructor of the very succesful Olympic bikes, is almost ready with a self modified Velocette kit. He promised me a second kit for the desmo museo-collection.

Battlogg Desmotronic Bandsmall2001-01 Battlogg Desmotronic Bandsmall2001-02 Battlogg Desmotronic Bandsmall2001-03



DESMOTRONIC (Pics and film used with permission)

Stefan Battlogg contacted me to get some information on the desmotheme. He turned out to be the patentholder of some fine and promising inventions:

WO 0112958; WO 0112959; WO 03/083269 A1 and many other numbers on variants esp. on the valve – babybelt connection. Together with car companies and suppliers Mr. Battlogg works on the Desmotronic thingy. See pics of the model. He promised this very model for the desmo-museo when he doesn’t need it any more for development and presentation purposes.

There is also a film of an electrically driven model, unfortunately I can only show you at the moment the smallest (worst) file (see under button “desmomovies).


The Nedstat counter tells us that we already passed the 50.000 hits, thanks to about 70 sites that link to “desmodromology”.


For more: choose “Previous News” in the menu-frame. Last update: January 13, 2006


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