Ducati 1 cil. production

ducatilogo5Meanwile there are some good books on the Ducati 1 cil. production desmo’s tested from 1966-’68 and launched in 1969. In my pages I only want to emphasize the desmodromic part. Dr. Taglioni alias “Papa di Desmo”, of course didn’t invent the desmodromic valve gear (D.V.G.) as is still mentioned even today! The production 1 cil. type of D.V.G. (Group 6A system according to our classification) actually is one of the oldest forms. This page contains information only to prove this fact with patent-texts and patent-drawings. Janvier: 1913; McVicar: 1916; Woerther: 1937; Cenna: 1965; Ducati: 1966 (from left to right). But also to show the beauty and simplicity of Taglioni’s design.
Source colour pic: In “Steuerpolitik : Die Technik der Ventilsteuerung” article in PS; 3/1985 p. 42-43.

For patentinformation see also: Patented Systems


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