Ducati 125 Pushrod engine

Ducati 125 Pushrod engine


Summer 2016 I obtained this engine for the Ducati-head collection and positioned it in a self constructed frame.
The kickstarter can be used and so the valve gear can be seen operated and the shiftgear mechanism at the outside of the carter behind a perspex plate as well.
This 4 speed engine was used in the OHV push-rod Ducati 125 TV, 125 S, 125 T, 125 Bronco and 125 Cadet.

ducati125cpic1 ducati125cpic2

Further reading: Ian Falloon “The complete book of Ducati motorcycles : every model since 1946”; cop. 2016, Motorbooks.

[Classification = Non-desmo OHV Ducati engine]

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