Ducati Four-valve L-twins Experimental




In the year 1975 (February) Massimo Bordi finished his thesis = Tesi di Laurea (together with Gianni Vetrini) titled: Studio E Progetto Di Una Distribuzione Desmodromica A Quattro Valvole Per Un Motore Bicilindrico Ad “L”.
The accompanying factory drawing of the complete head gives 5 different views from different sections / points of view in the scale 1:1.
This project can be considered the very early predecessor of the production 4-valves (from the 851-Testastretta).
Although aircooled and (bevel)gear driven of course. Note the position of the pins for the camfollower fingers (ultra right and left side of the head).

4valvebevelcolour2small 4valvebevelcoloursmall


Picture taken at the factory in Y2K [with kind permission by Phil Aynsley Photography : www.philaphoto.com]
[Classification = Group 5]