Fiat 401 in tipo 801

New (2009) source = Book (in French) FIAT en Grand Prix : 1920 – 1930, by Sébastien Faurès Fustel de Coulanges.
ISBN 978-2-7268-8885-8

The three liter Tipo 401 motor of 1920, was Fiat’s first twin-cam engine. Starting in 1920 the type numbers of Fiat top-category racing cars began with 801 and their correspnding engine with 401. “This complicated engine ran only briefly and in prototype form in the T.801 racing car”.
Source: Griffith Borgeson : The Classic Twin-cam engine, p.130.
The colorpic is of a 1921 car with non-desmo motor to give you an idea how this Fiat looked like in those days.
N.b. : “SD” in the listing means “Stirrup Desmodromic”.
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