Maserati (V-8)


Source pics: Private collection H. Cloosterman

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Translated: Georgio Monetti – responsible for the export of the Ducati factory – and Poldino Tartarini fantasized about making a Desmo 1,500 cc V-8. They started the project with a 187 cc one cil. (1/8 part of the intended engine). On the testrig it ran till 12,000 rpm, when it disintegrated. But Taglioni was satisfied because the desmodromic valve system was still in good condition. As the V8-dream was far beyond their resources, they asked friend Carlo Maserati and Ernesto and Bindo from OSCA for help. The answer was Yes and with the cooperation of supermechanic Rino Gilli the engine was made. Giving an amazing 170 Bhp instead of the envisaged 100 Bhp/liter.

The engine can be seen in the : “Concessionaria Auto di Monetti a Castel S. Pietro Terme (BO)”.

This Taglioni newly designed desmo-system causes a revision/addition to our Classification.

Dr. T. obviously mixed his first “Group 9” system with the later “Group 6” systems. It is not clear to me why he decided to use two different camshafts (perhaps for easier manufacturing). I will ask Mr. Monetti and will give this information later.

Spring 2012 at the Desmoshow in Budrio I was in the position to remove a valve cover from this engine.

I now finally could make a picture.

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[Classification = unique = 6 A double cam]