Morini 250 GP single

morinilogoCitation from Mick Walker’s book on Morini p. 38 (first published 1996) with a printer’s error in the word desmodromic.

Biaveti should be Biavati!


morini2 morini3







This non-desmo 250 GP machine was also converted (1962) to desmodromic valve gear.

According to Carlo Perelli in an article in “das Motorrad” the desmomotor was bench-tested

at full throttle for 20 hours without any defect.

Other source: Massimo Clarke In: Super Moto Technica Anno III, n.5 Maggio 1989

We still do not have pictures from the outside and inside (system unknown) of the desmohead.

But only now (july 2020) pictures showed up from the Morini factory drawing board.
These drawings resemble very much the group 9 Ducati triple nocker system from Fabio Taglioni.