I digged up already > 70 ever produced desmo-systems.

Twentyseven minus sixteen solved in the mean time makes eleven* systems that are still more or less a mystery to me.


Who can solve the hereunder mentioned mysteries? Pictures; drawings; articles; everything is welcome!

Please take a look at “Systems” also for further information.

Contact me by email: [In Dutch; English; German and French].


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ means that the mystery in the listing is solved already, pushing the system name to the right.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ariès (system 1908) = solved by Sébastien Faurès and myself in December 2014



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BRM = “Solved” by Mr. Tony Rudd from U.K.(see: “systems”)

Brüdersdorf BMW F650 Brüdersdorf, Roland (BMW F 650 Desmo-head)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brushmobile = Solved by Nic Portway and Barry Harvey from the UK (12-12-2012)



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ducati Bordi’s 4-valve beveltwin ad “L” = Solved by myself (Sept.2004)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Duesenberg = Solved by “myself” actively searching the help from people like Russel Mack who contacted the Museum Of American Speed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ESO = Solved by Bennie Ludolphy (spring 2012) and by myself (November 2013)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ferrari = Solved by friends visiting the Ferrari Museum

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Honda = solved by myself when being confronted with the hard ware and texts in Budrio (at the Desmoshow)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maserati 6 = Solved by Andrea Ridolfi from Italy (see: “systems”) (November 2005)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maserati V8 = Solved by Andrea Ridolfi from Italy (see: “systems”)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Miller = Solved by Mr. Anonymous

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mondial 125 = Solved by Mr. Pochettino the actual owner of that bike. After 45 years it is revealed that the Mondial was NON-Desmo!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mondial 175 = “Solved” by Nunzia Manicardi, by myself and shown in 3D interpretation by Manolis Pattakos. Source: Motociclismo d’Epoca” of february 2002 Article by Carlo Perelli at: (see: “systems”)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MVAgusta = Solved by Andrea Ridolfi from Italy (see: “systems”)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Morini


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Norton (Brian Thomas) Solved by myself (spring 2012)

Norton 350 single (Harry Hinton)

Orionette (see: “systems”)

Pegaso Z 102 (supposed desmo)

Pistonock-Henderson & Pat McNutty DSVPE (Desmodromic Single Valve Pot Engine)

Rudge 250 DDS (David Downer Special) 1958

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Treen = Solved by Charles Treen from U.K. (see: “systems”)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SEFAC (System Emile Petit)(see: “systems”) = solved by myself


* situation: October 27, 2021 (last update)