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May 2023 I added under ‘References’ /  ‘Literature’ a third hyperlink to 13 articles published in Strada, the Clubmagazine of DCN (Ducati Club Nederland).

I also completed the hyperlinks to 22 Strada articles (in Dutch) on the pages of Produced Desmo Systems / True Desmodromic Systems. A.o. Ariès; Battlogg; Cenna; Ducati DVT; Horak; JAP; Packer and Tehuelche. Take a look!

After closing the physical collection (complete except for the hydraulic group XI-model) and after completing the series of articles for the Strada (autumn 2021), it was time for a major update of Desmodromology.
It was quite a shock when it turned out that very little has been done for about five years, except for the announcement of the desmo catalogue and some smaller things. After 7 years (2014-2021) a visual update can be considered.
A lot of time has gone into expanding the physical collection; composing and marketing the desmo catalogue; writing the series of articles for Strada, the magazine of the Dutch Ducati Club and the Ariès story (article in ‘The Automobile’). More will follow, but what already has been changed or added:
Under ‘True Desmodromic Systems’: the following articles, published in Strada, are hyperlinked in these relevant pages:
. Battlogg, Stefan (Porsche)
. Cenna (new story)
. Horak Also an English version opening in MS-Word
. JAP Also an English version opening in MS-Word
. Moto Guzzi (Hans Peter Länge)
. Packer (part 1 en 2) + Article as Word.doc
. Peeren, Frits & Cees Fick
Under ‘Semi-Desmodromic Systems’:. Muller, Jan
Text corrections, pictures and dedicated hyperlinks added etc.
Other articles are hyperlinked on the following relevant pages:

Update: 2021-11-03

See and read what’s new in:

In the first 7 months of this year only one single desmo-patentapplication has been filed (in January). A non mechanical (electronic) invention [RU2606723 (C1)].<BR>
The IC-engine with positive controlled valves is about to perish. The automotive industry is investing in hybrid and full electric cars.<BR>
What a surprise that Ducati introduced the DVT (Desmo Variable Timing) in the Testastretta engine for the Multistrada and XDiavel.<BR>
This summer I managed to purchase such a complete head with the DVT-pulleys, sensors and hydraulicaly influencend valves (link: Ducati DVT under “Systems).<BR>
My new site got a safe https (SSL-certificate).<BR>
I started with my very last model (group 11) in perspex: a hydraulic desmosystem. Perhaps it might be ready at the end of this year.<BR>
The small parts of the desmo-collection are now exposed in a new glass / metal show case. My little museumcollection has almost come to a completion. <BR>

The physical Desmo-collection of models and heads is complete (April 2015).
For friendly prices and kind of sponsored by Ducati Parts Online :, I acquired a Testastretta head, camshafts of the Panigale and a Ducati Monster carter with gearbox internals and gearchange pedal. Actually the Ducati workshop manual mentions the gearshiftdrum desmodromic. It is a group 3 (with groove) system.

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