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In the first 7 months of this year only one single desmo-patentapplication has been filed (in January). A non mechanical (electronic) invention [RU2606723 (C1)].<BR>
The IC-engine with positive controlled valves is about to perish. The automotive industry is investing in hybrid and full electric cars.<BR>
What a surprise that Ducati introduced the DVT (Desmo Variable Timing) in the Testastretta engine for the Multistrada and XDiavel.<BR>
This summer I managed to purchase such a complete head with the DVT-pulleys, sensors and hydraulicaly influencend valves (link: Ducati DVT under “Systems).<BR>
My new site got a safe https (SSL-certificate).<BR>
I started with my very last model (group 11) in perspex: a hydraulic desmosystem. Perhaps it might be ready at the end of this year.<BR>
The small parts of the desmo-collection are now exposed in a new glass / metal show case. My little museumcollection has almost come to a completion. <BR>

The physical Desmo-collection of models and heads is complete (April 2015).
For friendly prices and kind of sponsored by Ducati Parts Online :, I acquired a Testastretta head, camshafts of the Panigale and a Ducati Monster carter with gearbox internals and gearchange pedal. Actually the Ducati workshop manual mentions the gearshiftdrum desmodromic. It is a group 3 (with groove) system.

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