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Only today (15-03-2008) I became aware of this very special and wonderful motorcycle. The Packer Special was supposed to be an American Board Racer from 1914. It should be a 1000 cc V-twin with three desmodromically operated valves per cylinder. Made in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

NB: This very Packer is a recent creation “in a 1914 style” and so historical researches can not be based on it. Made in the nineteens by a talented maintenance engineer called Paul Newsham from Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK. There exists a handwritten note from Mr. Newsham explaining the workings of the desmodromics and their adjustment.

Summer 2019 I was intensively in contact with the creator of the Packer. Paul Newsham provided me with the very original drawings and even some home made desmo parts to make a model of his desmo system. More to post here after some articles on this scoop are published.

With a certainty of 100 % we now may believe it is desmodromic. The system is a Group IV desmo with one single opening and one single closing (conjugate) cam. Pictures of the models and drawings will be posted here later.

Pictures are taken in the Sammy Miller Museum GB.

Source pics = FLICKR (public domain)

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Article in Classic Bike, Issue 464 September 2018 (words: Mat Oxley)

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Video in the Sammy Miller Museum with Packer images:

[Classification: group IV]

Both articles (in Dutch) were published in Strada, the magazine of the Dutch Ducati Club.

1909 Strada 6 v2 Packer Special Deel 1

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