Source pics: Private collection H. Cloosterman


This desmohead was meant to be used on a three cil. 500 cc Honda racer. It was only partly finished when tested at the technical university of Eindhoven (Netherlands). It proved to be of poor quality. That was one reason to stop further development work. I was lucky to lay my hands on this artefact.

After some years I decided to show the principle between perspex plates (actually my first acryllic desmo-model) and to use the other pairs of conjugate cams in other desmo-models as well.

peerendesmo2 peerendesmo









[Classification = Group 8 B]

Article (in Dutch) about the FP/CF-desmo system. This article was published in Strada, the magazine of the Dutch Ducati Club.

1907 Strada 5 v 0 46-52 (002)Fick & Peeren