Roland Brüdersdorf BMW F 650 DESMO

About the new system that now houses in a BMW 650 cilinderhead Mr. Brüdersdorf is very retentive and not prepared to give away the secret.

He informed me of the fact that it is a completely new design that can not be found in my classification and never has been patented before.

Like me he possesses almost every desmo-patentdocument, so he might be right of course.

He hopes, but is realistic about the small chances, that the motorcycle and car industry are going to pay attention to this ingeneous invention.

Not contemplating anymore to have the system patented, because he feels the very idea might then get stolen anyway, patented or not.

The mighty industry is apt to adapt the basic idea, changing it in small detail. A private person is not at all a party in this game, leaving him the not recognized and poor inventor. So Roland Brüdersdorf goes for another kind of contract and deal. Manufacturers with interest should contact him to hear his ideas about going along differently.

Car and motorcycle magazines are welcome to hear his story and to write about what can be revealed and shown.

He speaks the German and Swedish language fluently.

BMWF650desmo businesscard