Roland Brüdersdorf

Roland Brüdersdorf (Germany 1945) lives already more than 40 years in Sweden.
He contacted me by E-mail, helped by a friend, since he unfortunately is not acquainted to computers at all.
He is fascinated by the desmo-principle for some 35 years now.
Being a very practical guy, gifted with a creative and inventing mind combined with “golden hands”, he already dreamed up and produced in prototype several desmosystems.
He claims to have invented the best desmo system in the world. At least his system lacks the designmistake, that is the radial pressing forces of the valve in the valveguide, causing rapid wear of the same.
When I visited him july 2006, he showed me several of his inventions (not only desmo). He allowed me to photograph an older type of desmo (see pics on this page).
He simply used the flesh of the broad standard opening cam to form the closing cam. With a camfollower portion in the form of a roller (bearing) that is attached to the standard cupfollower, he created a fully desmodromic system.
About the new system he was quite retentive and not prepared to give away the secret. He informed me of the fact that is was a completely new design that can not be found in my classification !!!!
He hopes, but is realistic about the small chances, that the motorcycle and car industry are going to pay attention to his invention(s). He contemplates to have his system(s) patented. [Source pics: DigiPics by Henk Cloosterman 2006].

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[Classification = Group 4]


Paragraph (in Dutch) about ‘Desmo Roland’ at the end of in the article on Stefan Battlogg. This was published in Strada, the magazine of the Dutch Ducati Club.