Rudge DDS (David Downer Special)


1958 “The alterations to his beloved 250 Rudge were to be major, converting this normal push rod model into a desmodromic version, all of his own design, a considerable feat in itself…… But persistent Dave was soon back working on the desmodromic conversion to his Rudge, which was renamed a “DDS” – David Downer Special.”

Source: Colin Seeley in his Autobiography part one: “Colin Seeley : Racer …. and the rest” p. 89. Redline Books ISBN 0954435710 (2006).

Hoping to get more inside information on this subject Mr. Seeley wrote me (13-01-2007): “I have no further information for you regarding David’s DESMO – special. I have forwarded your email on to his sister in case she has any further information. I am now writing the second volume of my book so my time is very precious.” Too bad (t)his desmo story deserves no further research. Another mystery born means more research work again for Henry Desmo himself.




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