Schneider (Michaux)


4 cil. two valve motor. Valve angle 20 degrees and one SOHC with 8 pair of conjugate cams.

The figure shows the Michaux designed system used in this machine in the French GP of 1914

One Schneider finished in ninth place with a broken spring. The camshaft and rockerarms are hollow. In the rockers we find oilcanals to the camfollowers (rollers).

The B & W pic of the car with drivers is from: “Le Sang Bleu” by Serge Bellu (EPA 1978). This book is about all French Grand Prix cars from 1906 to 1978.

Source booktext: Racing Cars and Record Breakers 1898-1921 by T.R. Nicholson, p. 148

Black & white pic of desmosystem and engine pics are from the article “Michaux Motor One of Grand Prix Mechanical Novelties : Positively Operated Valves Feature of Delage and Schneider Engines” in : Motor Age , july 30, 1914.

See also patentinformation: Patented Systems

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