Produced Desmo-Systems

The hereunder mentioned “makes” will be progressively hyperlinked to their own informationpages.
The content of each page changes and grows in a continuous process. With all this information we want to compose our new “internet-book”.

From some systems (Mercedes-Benz/Ducati/Pohn BMW/Delage/Velocette) we already possess lots of documentation (but of course never enough). From other systems we only have some references (lines) from a book. Our presentation on the WWW also aims at digging up the vast sources of information from the internet. When you want to contribute to this project, please contact me by E-mail.

Nb. Most pictures are scanned from ever collected articles and copies from books, which source is not always retraceable.
I will not scan pics from (too) recent magazines. When somebody feels he should claim copyright, please contact me by E-mail.