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Intarsia Technique (Wooden Mosaic inlay) by Francesco Ridolfi, the father of my former ‘Italian Agent’ Andrea




desmotieshop1Tieshop named “DesmO”, somewhere in Italy




DesmoflagshipstoreFlagshipstore for the Desmo-brand exclusive lady bags in Fiorentina (near Florence), Italy



















….. a Flame Gulper is in fact an External combustion engine – However, if you look at the other ‘Flame Gulper’ on the websites listed here:- – Phil’s Phrapper – this engine has a valve which is closed by a spring whereas on my Desmo-Duo the valves are both opened and closed by the cam mechanism thus fitting into the classification of the generic description of Desmodromic. You can also find pictures of all my engines on or go directly to the section
Flame gulpers at actually Atmospheric Engines. The valve opens on the down-stroke and the flame is drawn into the cylinder. Just before BDC the valve closes and the flame, now trapped inside, collapses causing a partial vacuum within the cylinder thus drawing the piston back up the cylinder were the process starts again – basically a Two-Stroke operating system. Sounds very simple but these machines are extremely difficult to produce successfully.

Text: Frank Whiteway

Nb The back and forth (left-right v.v) movement of the bars that close/open the flamehole are initiated by the groove in the barrel cam (Group 3 system). [Henk Cloosterman]

Source pictures: First two Tattoo pics were taken from the internet. Third picture was sent to me by E-mail by the owner of the very Tattoo.

The Desmovignet pics were taken from the internet.

Desmoproduct pics: private collection.

Miscellaneous: pic by Andrea Ridolfi (my former ‘Italian agent’) send by E-mail = private collection H. cloosterman.

Pic desmo shop: private collection H. cloosterman.

Pics from the flame gulper are taken from the internet with permission of the owner.

Desmodromic watch

Christian Klings produced this watch with a desmodromic “echappement”(escapement).





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