Vagova (Vareille)

The Frenchman Vareille patented different desmo-systems (Classification: Group 1A; 4 and 8A systems). The 1A system (see first pic) must have run in a 745 cc 6 cil. according to Alan Baker and H. Hütten. But This Vagova system is the typical example for the uncountable misconceptions and false information and contradictions about the confusing types of desmodromic systems. This motor with a SOHC and a power output of 38/40 HP propelled a racer with the name Vagova (Vareille / Godet; 1924-1926). In 1924 it raced in the 200 miles from Brookland but didn’t finish.

(source: The complete Encyclopedia of Motorcars 1885 to present).

This specific type of motor also should have been used in the Lombard (1927-1929).

Source: H. Hütten Schnelle Motoren p. 103)

Source pictures: Patented Systems

Source picture with text: “Desmodromic Valve Operation” by Alan Baker In: The Motor Cycle, 7 April 1955 p. 428.


Nb According to Gilles Fournier, an authority on the French brand “Amilcar” and the French Cyclecars, Alan Baker is wrong with the supposed 1A system.

In his new book Mr. Fournier will reveal a picture (even not seen by me) of the used desmo-system, that is an 8A embodiment for sure.

Pictures of the Vagova racer are taken from an article in “Le Fanauto”; issue 242, december 1988, p. 59 by Serge Pozzoli (died about 1995) nicknamed “Pope of the classic car” in France. In that article also a picture of the supposed used desmo system, that is not 1A (left drawing) as mentioned above, but the 8A invention (right drawing).

Drawing left is the SOHC engineblock from the Vagova. Photo right is from the Michel-Aviation AM-16 aero-engine with probably the same desmodromic valve gear (design Vareille). See text below. “Une commande desmodrométrique” = “Desmodromic control”

Source textfragment: “Les moteurs à pistons aéronautiques français” (Volume 1), by Alfred Bodemer and Robert Laugier, published by Editions Larivière in 1987.

pictures of the perspex-model

Patent Vareille